The k-series VTC cam gear is one of its best features. It allows the intake camshaft phase to be varied up to 50 degrees relative to the camshaft. This can be done on the fly via and electronically actuated oil pressure system. As great as the VTC system is, there are some issues with its use in high performance applications where the camshafts often result in interference issues at maximum VTC advance. Simply limiting the maximum VTC advance via the ECU control does not guarantee that the VTC system will stay within the software defined limits. A well documented case of the VTC system acting outside of the software limits is the VTC spike observed when using the Hondata K-Pro engine management system. To cope with the possibility of the VTC system attempting to advance the cam beyond what the desired limits are, I have developed a mechanical stop for the VTC system. Pictured below is one of the first production units.

To produce this unit, a stock cam gear was modified with a keyway that accepts an insert that will act as a mechanical stop.

This modification results in a system that can be altered to suit changing cam spec as well as be changed without removal of the cam gear from the engine. Both the keyway and the insert are precision machined to the tightest tolerances possible to result in a very precise fit. The system has undergone tens of thousands of miles of road testing as well as track testing up to 9000rpm.

If you are interested in obtaining a modified cam gear, they are available for purchase. Please contact me with your specific requirements. I do not stock these, so each one is manufactured after an order is placed.

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